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You Can Wear These Trending Hats During Virtual Meetings

With untreated hair lately, male workers are not confident about having virtual meetings with colleagues. One of the best ways to cover up the condition of the hair that is not well maintained and untreated is a hat. Hats are the easiest and fastest way to cure self-confidence, even wearing a hat can be a camouflage tool for male workers who have not showered during virtual meetings. Apart from that, if you also like to have a simple hat with a more personal design, we recommend you to create your own dad hat.

Here are tips on choosing the type of hat that is both popular and fashionable for male workers who can create self-confidence, look more stylish, and also look cool during virtual meetings:

Baseball cap

Baseball caps seem to be an inseparable part of fashion developments. Its function is no longer just protection from the sun, but as style support as well. The baseball cap can add to the outlook of the wearer, both women, and men. This type of hat became popular in 1980, especially in the United States. The characteristic of this type of hat is that there is a stiff tongue or visor on the front to protect the wearer from the sun. There are fasteners on the back of the hat so that it doesn’t come off easily during use.

Newsboy Hat

This type of hat is synonymous with classic and vintage impressions and is now becoming a hit again, appearing in the period 1910 to 1920. This hat is very popular with young men and adults, especially lower-class workers, and this type of hat is very suitable to be combined with a panel shirt. , t-shirts, all kinds of jackets from boober to leather.


This is unlike other hats that have a brim or visor. A beanie is just a hood that is circular and covers the ears. This type is made of knit material with elastic size so that it can follow the circumference of the head. This type of hat is often worn when the air is cold.

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