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This is preparation for those of you who are going to undergo a medical check-up

Most people think that a medical check-up is just a formal test and is not that important. This assumption is certainly wrong, considering that companies also make medical check-ups one of the considerations in making decisions. It is not impossible, the conditions that are not prime will make applicants fail to be accepted for work. This medical check-up is usually one of the important points in the test, especially if you are applying for a vital position or even applying for a large company. Having a medical check-up is an important part of a series of tests when applying for a job. This is an important stage, so you can’t just ignore it. Make sure you prepare yourself in the right and maximum way, one of which is consuming kombucha Kefir Grains. As ‘traditional herbal medicine’, there are various claims regarding the history of kombucha. From Ukraine to Asia, from ‘centuries’ to several hundred years ago. Wherever or whenever kombucha was first invented, the recipes have something in common.

Kombucha is black tea mixed with sugar, then fermented using a mixture of bacteria and fungi. Often referred to as a symbiotic colony of bacteria and fungi, this mixture will ferment sugar and produce alcohol, vinegar compounds, and other by-products. To make it, you will need a “starter” mold and bacteria mixture, which can be purchased online. The result of fermentation is usually the mixture will be slightly frothy, with a mixture of bacteria and fungi floating on the top to form like a carpet. The resulting taste varies, from cider to vomit. Kombucha has strong anti-bacterial properties, especially against the function of candida and infection-causing bacteria. These antimicrobial effects suppress the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi, but they do not affect the beneficial probiotic bacteria involved in kombucha fermentation.

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