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Functions And Price Of Wood Coasters Are Quite Vary

The use of wood is currently experiencing various innovations. Not only for furniture, but wood can also be used as tableware. Among them, there is various tableware made of wood. Such as spoons, plates, bowls, to coasters. The materials made also use various types of wood. And also the shapes and sizes and prices of these wooden coasters vary. However, you might also check out other materials besides wood if you want to buy some gift coasters.

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Wooden coasters are a very important object. The price of wooden coasters in wood coaster craftsmen also varies. The following are the prices of wooden coasters.

1. Glass coasters made of pine wood

For wooden coasters made of pine wood, this price is quite cheap.

2. Glass coasters made of teak wood

In contrast to those made of teak. The price is a little more expensive than those made of pine wood. That price is for the small size. It’s different from the hexagon. The price is much more expensive. The shape of this octagonal glass coaster is large. Enough for two to three glasses. The price of this type of coaster is the same as a glass coaster that is shaped like a tree trunk. This certainly makes the price of wooden coasters slightly more expensive because of the raw material.

3. Glass coasters made of mahogany wood

Mahogany is at least cheaper than teak wood.

4. Beech Insulated Glass Coaster

This wooden coaster is a coaster that has various functions. Apart from being a glass coaster, it can also be a place to put fruit.

5. Exotic Motif Coasters

This glass coaster, of course, adds to the beauty when served.

After knowing the various types of coasters and their prices. You also have to know the function of using a glass coaster. One of the functions of this wooden glass coaster is to make it easier to carry glasses. If the glass doesn’t have a handle and the water is hot, then you can use a coaster. Also, the coasters function to prevent drink stains from leaving a mark on the table. Glass coasters are also provided when you are in a restaurant or a cafĂ©.