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Aluminum Structural Strengths And Their Benefits

The further specialty of CMI LC construction is structural strength. For load-free support, aluminum with modern alloys can easily handle it thus maximizing the building’s ability to use sunlight as natural lighting. As at George Bush International Airport which uses high strength aluminum framing to support large spans of glass. This structure provides stunning views of the runway and jet taxi rank. At Rice University, the aluminum framework supports designs that maximize natural sunlight in Class K-8 and the School of Magnets. Also, buildings across the country benefit from maximum use of windows supported by high-strength but low-weight aluminum frames.

Aluminum is the main material in LEED-certified buildings and sustainable buildings (durable and sustainable). LEED / Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design can be defined as the Leader in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED is one of the most commonly used green building certification programs worldwide. Developed by the non-profit US Green Building Council (USGBC), this certification covers production systems for the design, construction, operation, maintenance of eco-friendly buildings, residential buildings, and environmental structures such as bridges, etc. This LEED certification aims to help building owners and building operators to be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently. Aluminum is superior to steel and iron in its ability to reflect the sun’s infrared (heat) rays. A soothing aluminum roof can properly reflect up to 95 percent of the sun’s energy, increasing energy efficiency. Aluminum is a major component in LEED-certified eco-buildings.

The Sacramento, California Capitol Area East End Complex is the first LEED-certified building in the state of California. This certification is awarded for its high-performance, non-reflective aluminum curtain wall that protects energy by maximizing the use of sunlight. Another specialty of aluminum construction is that it is a vital component of environmentally friendly buildings and sustainable buildings for several reasons. Aluminum is a versatile metal that is easily recycled and does not lose its properties during the recycling process. Also, the recycling process consumes up to more than 90 percent of energy, compared to the energy required to produce new aluminum from the source material.