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5 Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight

The ideal body is what everyone wants. Many ways can be used to get the ideal body, both healthy and not. Healthily, you can take leptoconnect and exercise regularly. Meanwhile, here are some methods to regulate eating patterns that are not good for your health and you should not do.

1. Eat only a little
Although the main goal is to reduce calorie intake by reducing food consumption, this method is often misinterpreted by not consuming any calories or other nutrients that are considered to increase body weight. Bodyweight may drop quickly, but the person will end up with lower muscle mass and more body fat tissue. Even during adulthood or old age will be more at risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

2. Cleanse eating patterns
This is one method that is popular in several countries. Cleanse that is meant here is cleaning the body by eating only certain foods. This diet is not healthy because someone only eats one type of food or drink, one example is only drinking lemon juice. Weight loss is certain, but the body will lack a lot of nutrients if done in a few days, even weeks. Side effects are constipation and headaches due to lack of intake.

3. Purging
The essence of this method is to re-issue food and / or speed up the digestive system to excrete food with the abuse of laxatives. This method is not much different from the way people with bulimia re-issue food, but it does not begin with the desire for excess food (binge eating). This method is done consciously to reduce intake without thinking about the impact on the body, one of which is dehydration.

4. Consumption of drugs and cigarettes
Done with the misuse of certain drugs (legal or illegal) and smoking to suppress the desire to eat so that the amount of food eaten becomes less. The use of drugs, such as cocaine and diabetes drugs for weight loss, can cause dependence and risk of organ damage because it is used without doctor’s supervision. While nicotine in cigarettes is known to suppress appetite, but health problems from smoking will threaten health, coupled with the side effects of smoking addiction that can cause weight gain

5. Abnormal eating patterns
It is a dangerous and prohibited eating pattern, but the fact is that this diet tends to be famous. It is said to be abnormal because the method is dangerous and the impact is extreme body loss to anorexia.