Interest on the investment in overnight money and time deposit

The time deposit is a conventional investment that has long been offered by banks. 

With the time deposit a certain amount of money is invested over a fixed period at a fixed rate and the investor receives the interest paid annually very differently than the call money, the terms can be selected between a few months and up to 10 years. 

The possibilities will vary from one bank to another. 

Although fixed-rate interest rates depend on interest rates in the capital and money markets, investors are given a fixed rate of interest over their lifetime. 

If you want to invest your capital in fixed deposits, you should look for a suitable provider in advance, because with each direct bank, the interest rates are staggered differently.

In general, one can assume that longer terms also means the payment of higher interest rates, but one should count on exceptions. In other direct banks, the interest rates are also staggered according to the amount of investment that wants to invest the eventual customer. 

With a fixed-term comparison can be determined in a short time, which provider offers a favorable fixed-term account for a certain amount and the desired duration. For example, you can easily determine current fixed interest rates over the Internet. 

There are now many financial sites, banks (like the Sparkasse) and portals where you can get information about the current interest rates and fixed term conditions.

Thanks to high-interest rates, the daily allowance is also very popular. With the daily allowance, one can dispose of the invested money daily. The accounts are managed free of charge and the money is just as secure as any other bank. With a significant difference. 

You get much more interest. In recent years, the market share of money market accounts has increased significantly. 

The forms of investment term money and Tagesgeld belong for years to the most popular investment products. Both are highly valued by both investors and credit institutions.

Generally speaking, investing online is a safe investment in the future. In addition to fixed deposits and overnight money, for example, a property is a particularly good form of investment. Funds can also be seen as funds, but you should definitely pay attention to which fund you want to invest. It is also advisable to seek the help of a professional financial adviser

Because there are risky investments, such as limited partnerships, tax savings real estate, closed-end real estate funds or silent participation, which must be analyzed in any case by the tax consultant. 

In addition, before deciding on a particular investment, it is very important to know exactly how much you want to invest and whether it should be a long-term or short-term investment.