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Important Point In Car Care

Carrying out car maintenance on your domain name is always mentioned as something that must be done when owning a vehicle. Especially if the vehicle you have is a used car or a car that is quite old. Periodic car maintenance or routine servicing is important because it aims to keep the car in top condition when it is going to be used for traveling both short and long distances. Cars that are used to drive long distances will usually experience a trip that is identical to traffic jams, so a car that is usually turned on for about 8-10 hours a day can be 20-24 hours.

This causes the engine and car components to be forced to their maximum stage, imagine what will happen when one of your car components is damaged in the middle of the road. Therefore, thorough car maintenance is very important! In-car maintenance, there are several important points to check, namely:

In a series of car maintenance, checking the suspension is divided into 2

Check for damper leaks
Check the suspension rubber mount

Machine oil
When car maintenance is carried out, the oil must be replaced with high-quality, heat-resistant oil, because with a traffic jam, the engine will automatically get hotter, low-quality oil will be more volatile and oil content will be damaged. There are many videos online that explain the comparison between quality oil and ordinary oil.

One of the car care series is Tune-up. For modern cars, the process of cleaning your car’s combustion system, both diesel and gasoline, both require regular tune-ups, tune-ups can restore engine power lost due to inefficient combustion, eliminate tickling on gasoline engines, and reduce black smoke in diesel engines. So that when traveling far, your car’s fuel consumption is not excessive.

Spark plugs
When car maintenance is carried out, the spark plugs in the gasoline engine must be checked and replaced when they are not suitable for use.
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